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Coupons are something that has been around for as long as I can remember. They are becoming easier to get a hold of these days and they can be very rewarding if you learn to play the game. We have all heard or seen the TV shows presenting the people who go to the store and buy three to five hundred dollars’ worth of grocery items and get a bill for ten dollars for the lot. But can I expect to be able to save that much?

It sounds so exciting doesn’t it, almost free groceries. We could all use some of that kind of shopping. If we could only figure out how to do it without spending a week preparing for your trip. If you are going to do this, then it is a career unto itself. You have to find the coupons, collect them and then organize them so that you can find the ones you want to use at the store without just dumping your stash on the counter and telling the clerk to take the ones that they will accept.

Most coupons are worth five to fifty cents each and you will find some that are for free products, but they are not really common and they are usually for new products or for companies that are really trying to get you to try their products for some other reason. This being the case how are they able to get so much off their grocery bill. In most cases they are taking advantage of special offers by the stores themselves as well as the coupons.

Many stores will offer two to four times the value of the coupon on specific days of the week or during a special event. So you also need to identify the stores and days that you can shop there to get the most out of your coupons. Additionally, some stores will allow you to use some coupons without buying those products. This is a less common option as they are required to purchase at least the same number of that product as they return coupons for to be able to recover their money.

Also most coupons specifically say that you are required to buy a certain number of products to be able to redeem the coupon itself, so not buying the product is a little like cheating. Of course if you are buying a large amount of groceries and you hand the cashier a stack if coupons they are not going to count and match coupon for the actual item, they do want to go home and they are also graded on how many item they scab each hour. But some new cash registers actual does check coupon for product and make sure you are purchasing the right number to validate each coupon.

So I haven’t scared you off yet, you still have to collect the large number of coupons you want to use. This is getting easier these days as there you don’t have to spend long hours acquiring newspapers so you can go through them and clip out all the coupons of the week. Today that option is still big and id=s at least worth looking at doing but also there a number of websites that will offer you coupons you can print out directly.

The professional coupon hunters pursue both options and gather coupons from where ever they can be found. The more coupons you have the better chance you have of being able to use more. They will even ask their neighbors for the papers when they are done with them on Tuesday so they can collect additional copies of the coupons to use.

So coupons can really save you money on your purchases, but remember to weigh the positives and negatives of using them and decide for yourself how far into it you want to get before you get started. I like to use coupons for the things I am buying, I may b=not save 80 percent of my grocery bill but I tend to like certain brands for some things and coupon tend not to be there for most of my favorite brands. And some of these off brands just don’t have the flavor and most of the time I am not willing risk a bad meal to save a few dollars.

It is up to you. Make you choice and give it a shot. It is at least worth a try once. So get out there and collect all of those coupons and see how much you can save. See you in our next post.

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