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I just had to share this tory today. I was contacted to and hired to work for month in Florida last year. During the negotiations, I was given a fully furnished townhouse to use for six weeks to allow me time to get settled and enjoy the area before and after the contract. The townhouse came with biweekly housekeeping so I did not have to worry about keeping it clean.

Of course, my wife was going to accompany me for the time I was there so I didn’t say anything and decided that I would just let my wife know and allow her to work it out with the maid service that came by, as she usually did. We got to Florida and drove to the townhouse and was issued the keys as we were told. We took our stuff into the apartment to get everything set up before we went out to drive around. We were greeted by the maid who said she was not quite done cleaning the townhouse and she would take care of the unpacking for us, that we should just go have some fun and not worry about the unpacking.

My wife and I just looked at each other and decided that we were just too tired to argue and told her that we would be back in at five PM and would like to get some rest, so if she could be done we would appreciate it. She said that would be no problem, to enjoy our stay and let me know how else I might help while we here and she gave us her phone number. We walked back to the car and when we were safely sitting in the car we looked at each other and she said, I thought you said it was a twice a week service, it sounds more like a constant service. That is what I was told, she may just be trying to leave a good impression.

So. we drove around the area for a while to get a feel of what was around us and then found a place we felt like eating dinner at. We ate our dinner and enjoyed it totally. As always, my wife could not finish her portion so we had it boxed up to take back to the townhouse. It was a couple of minutes after five when we got back to the car so we decided that we should head back to the townhouse and get some rest for the evening.

As we opened the door to enter the townhouse we heard the back door click shut and went over to look at who was leaving. We saw the maid getting into her car and drive off, so we relaxed and checked out the unit. Sure enough, the maid had unpacked our clothes and placed them in perfect order in the closet and dresser. She had also placed all of toiletries in the bathroom in the proper sequence and position. A we entered the bathroom we saw the tub had been drawn and was ready for us to enjoy a soothing bubble bath together.

So, we looked at each other and started to get ready to climb in. the bath felt wonderful as we sat side by side and just let it soak us through. We sat there for a good thirty minutes before we decided that if we didn’t get out we would be sleeping here for the night or longer. We got out and dried each other off before heading for the bed and a night of quiet bliss.

When we woke early the next morning we smelled the wonderful smell of fresh baked rolls and vanilla. Surprised by the smell, we both got up and put our robes in before heading for the kitchen to see what was happening. We entered to see the maid there preparing a full breakfast for us complete with a eggs, fried potatoes, fruit, fresh squeezed juice and homemade fresh rolls. We greeted her with a good morning and asked what this was all about?

She responded that she had not shown us the townhouse and how everything worked as she was supposed to so she came back this morning to correct that. When she saw, we were still asleep, she decided to make breakfast for us. We thanked her and she beckoned for us to sit down to eat as it was ready. Somehow, she knew just what we ate and had prepared the perfect breakfast for us. As we ate she let us know about all the features of the unit. She told us that she would come by on Tuesday and Friday to clean and would refill the house food stuffs as needed as well. To please let her know if there was anything special they wanted.

MY wife tried to interrupt and tell her that it would not be necessary to do that, she had always enjoyed being able to shop for her own things. She went on to explain that she appreciated all her desire to help them but she would prefer to do most of it by herself. The response she got back set us both back as we heard her start to tear up and whine about us not liking her service and that she so much needed this job and if they found out that she was not doing the shopping and the cleaning for them she would be fired and replaced.

My wife looked at me and shrugged her shoulders before responding to the maid. Ok come back on Tuesday and we will discuss now we share the workload. I would not want you to feel I was trying to cause you to lose your job, the service so far has been excellent. We both thanked her for breakfast as she was leaving for her next appointment. When she was gone, we both looked at each other and wondered what that was all about. We had never received that kind of response from a maid when we told them that we would like to take care of a lot of our own cleaning and care.

We both agreed we would need to take this very carefully when she came back on Tuesday and agreed that if we weren’t careful it would be a very long six weeks. Them we started to clean up only to find she had done all the dishes that weren’t on the table. We also found a fully pack lunch basket for the time we had planned to spend at the beach that day. We decided that she must be able to read minds, it was the only way she would know about our desire to go to the beach. Then we remembered that she must have seen the list of things we wanted to accomplish the next few days before I started working on Monday.

We got ourselves ready and headed out to the beach, she had a included the location of a beach she thought we would enjoy as it was not to crowded and had easily accessible parking. We drove there and parked as she had recommended grab our basket and a blanket we kept in the car for times like this and headed out to the beach. As we got there we noticed that it was only accessible through a gate that had an attendant standing in front of it. We walked up and said we were told that we could use this beach and the attendant said that we must be the Peters that he was expecting us and we could go right in.

He then pointed us to a cabana that he said was waiting for us so we went over and saw it was complete with two lounge chairs and a table to place our thing on. We thought this was nice and that we were not use to this kind of service. We also wondered who had set all this up, we knew it must be the maid as she was only one who could have known what we were going to do today. We enjoyed the day and as we left we thanked the attendant for the use of the cabana and offered him a tip. We asked him how he knew that we would be there. We were told that he had received our names when he arrived this morning and had made sure everything was setup for them before they arrived. He then told us that they had an agreement with the townhouse community that any of their guest had full use of the beach during their stay.

As we went back to the townhouse we began to see what we had been put up in and everything begin to make sense about the maid and her response that morning. At least it would only be twice a week and we would have to live with it. Jane would just plan to be out those two days she was there so she wouldn’t be stressed over it. Besides she could fix it when she got back.

To make a long story short the maid spent the entire day there on her days to be there cleaning cooking and buying supplies for us. When we left, we thanked her for our service and tried to hand her an envelope, she assured us that she had already been well taken care of by the company that had secured the townhouse for us and hope we had enjoyed our stay there. We told her that we had had a great time but looked forward to getting home the next day.

To say the least this was a very different kind of housekeeping than we were use to receiving and were thankful that the company had tried so hard to make our stay pleasant and enjoyable. We discovered when we got home that they had really wanted to impress us while we were there in hopes I would accept an extend term of service with them the following month. We assured them that we had had a great experience but I had already accepted another three-month position but if they wanted my services after that we could arrange to be there for them.

They thank me for my help and they would get back to us if they needed us at that time. We have not yet heard back but think they might be close to a decision soon. Of course, it has only been six weeks and the timing is always important in jobs I take, most times they don’t delay well at all.

I hope you enjoyed this story about superior housekeeping and will see you next time.


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