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Finding the Best House cleaning service can be a daunting task and the questions are different for each customer. We would like to share a few tips with you for what to consider when you are looking for a house cleaning service to clean your home and avoiding a major problem by granting the wrong group of people access to your home. Below are five things to consider when you begin your search.

The first thing each of need to look at is what kind of service do we want to contract for. Are we going to be present or will we just supply the company a means of accessing your home for cleaning? Do we want them daily weekly or monthly? Are you looking for a touch up cleaning or a deep cleaning each time they come over? These three question can have a major impact on how you look to find a service provider for your home.

If you are not going to be present during the cleaning appointments, then you need to make sure the providers are trustworthy, bonded and will provide the service you are contracting for without you being there to oversee the operation. The best way for you to get an idea of the service that will best meet these areas is to talk with some of their current customers about their interaction with the company. I wouldn’t settle for simply reading reviews online or in a folder they show you as those could come from anyone including the workers and their friends. Make sure you know and trust the people you talk to about their service or you might get nothing more than a reprint of the online review.

Then you need to make sure the company is in tune with your desired level of service both in frequency and depth of service before you receive a quote from them. General quote give you general service in both areas, which may be more or less than you are expecting. Confirm once you decide to accept a quote both levels of service and the fees for that service.

Finally, once you have completed all of the steps below and before actually contracting the cleaning service I would schedule a meeting with the technician that will be performing your service to ensure that they understand exactly what you are looking for. Even if you spend money for an hour of their time you will be way ahead as you will have a greater level of confidence that they will understand your expectations. Additionally, having had a discussion with the provider, you will tend to get better service from the provider simply because they have a face and person they know that they are working to please. In my opinion it always gives them more imputes to please than working for simply a name of on a piece of paper.

Once you know what you want the next step is to find a list of providers to consider. This can be done by talking to friends and neighbors to see who they use and how they feel about them, this can be the best way to find one that will have the least problems. But if you list does not sufficient to proceed the next step is to go online and do an internet search to find some additional house cleaners to consider. It would be good also to see if the ones on your current list have an online present to compare to the new ones to find.

I personally like to get a local service provider rather than a large franchise or corporate cleaning company. The large companies tend to have fixed offerings of service and contracts rather than allowing you to customize the service agreement to fit your needs. Find at least twenty providers to compare at this stage of the process so yo can feel confident in getting a good cross section of the available providers and have room when you start to discard providers for not being available or just not open to discussing your needs for service. I always like to bring up at least websites for five or more cleaning companies at one time for comparison so you can see several examples and compare then to see if one stands out more than the others or others fall so short they need to go away from consideration.

Read through the verbal content ignoring the picture content for each website and grade how each one makes you feel. If they are not speaking to your needs somewhere in the site, then you might want to move on. Of course, you may never find anyone that exactly talks to your detailed need but get a good feel for each site and their attitudes before going to the next step. If you decide one just doesn’t measure up to your expectations that you remove it from consideration, then replace it with another form your list.

Once you have graded each one on verbal content then look at the pictures and other visuals and see if they look like something that you would want to see in your own home. Since these pictures tend to be examples form customers that they are sharing if all the pictures are form home that are from one end of the spectrum than the other and don’t represent your area it may be a negative. Next see if the pictures represent the finished product you would like to have for your home if not then take the proper response of replacing or just make a big note of the disconnect for follow up should you want to consider them anyway.

Then compare the quality of the sites left to see if there are stand outs in that realm as that may also be a clue to the commitment they have, to do things properly or not. You have probably already removed the site that have just rubbed you the wrong way.

The final thing you need to do is take your list and start calling the offices of the providers and have a discussion of your needs and see what kind of response you get. Do you feel a connection with the office staff? Are they easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to questions if they need to get back with you? Are they willing able to meet your need for service? If you are not feeling good about the discussions when you are sold a service how will you be treated if you have a problem? These all need to be considered as you narrow the selection to the one you will be hiring. Never accept a firm on the first call. Unless you have called all the firms left on your list you may short change yourself by not making that one last call to the firm at the bottom of your list.

Once you have talked with all the services on your list you should sit and review your notes and compare the services in the areas of customer service, commitment, ease of talking with, price, willingness to deliver to your expectations and commitment to excellence. Once you have rated each member of your list then you can rank them and make your decision on which one will best service your needs.

The final step before contracting the provider is to have that meeting with the actual technician or technician that will be providing your service to get to know them and their commitment to cleaning your house to your expectations not a standard someone else defined

We hope that you find this process helpful in narrowing down that long list of potential suppliers for you home cleaning contract. As always let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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